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Photo Tour

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“Photography” literally means “writing with light” and is what a professional does to convey something with his photographs, far different from the usual “shots” that tourists make while traveling.

Our proposal for this kind of activities is for the below two ideas/options:

  • PHOTOGRAPHIC TOUR: your driver will guide you to the most authentic landscapes and a professional photographer will help you get the most out of your photos and equipment:, regardless of what you have with you: smartphone, iPad, compact camera or professional reflex … and with their suggestions he will you assist to reveal the “trade secrets”. This way will leave your stay in Sicily with completely new and different eye from the usual tour.


  • PHOTO SESSION: a personalized photo service is the ideal occasion to capture unique moments of your holidays and create stories that have you as protagonists in the most spectacular and breathtaking views or simply diving into the everyday life of the lands, thus saving romantic, entertaining moments. This type of activity can be good for both individuals, couples and/ or families.

… if possible by agreement you can combine both activities by inserting them into the required tour and modulize it as per your request.

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